The trip told through the Disney Company Latin American website

Didier Ghez, Disney History Blog.  Didier compiled the information for the disneylatino website, and continues his interest in Disney history through research and publishing

Some suggested books and articles relating to the topics of the film

An article from the Argentine magazine Imaginaria, with a profile on the Severo Vaccaro Museum of Caricature in Buenos Aires

Canemaker, John - The Art and Flair of Mary Blair

Canemaker, John - Before the Animation Begins

McCann, Bryan - Hello, Hello Brazil

Mendonça, Ana Rita - Carmen Miranda foi a Washington

Ryman, Herbert Dickens - A Brush with Disney

Cabral, Sérgio - No Tempo de Ary Barroso

Reich, Cary - The Life of Nelson A. Rockefeller: worlds to conquer, 1908-1958

Solomon, Charles - The Disney That Never Was

Kaufman, JB - South of the Border with Disney

Disney en Chile

Chilean animator and journalist, Jaime Huerta, covers the 1941 visit